Most important features

  • The Open Handset Alliance (OHA) is a consortium of 84 firms to develop open standards for mobile devices. Since 2007 works on Android;
  • Android fragmentation is a huge problem. The fact that there are hundreds of different hardware devices running over half a dozen different versions of Google’s OS makes it annoying for users, but makes it an especially devastating issue for developers trying to make a business out of the Android ecosystem (different from Apple’s iOS);
  • Both Android and Apple have three active versions at the same time on the market;
  • Mobile systems architecture (3 layers)
    • Kernel;
    • Middleware;
    • Java (Dalvik VM) (where developer works);
  • Technical Features: storage management (based on file and SQLite), Garbage Collector, multitasking, Java, Sensors (Gyroscope, Rear camera, Front camera, Microphone, Magnetometer, Accelerometer, GPS, A-GPS, proximity sensor, light sensor), Connectivity (3G, Wifi, NCF, Bluetooth), Debug, Virtual sensors
  • The most relevant apps on market are for games and social network integration;
  • Development
    • App Inventor – Graphical IDE (non programmers app tools);
    • Write once, compile anywhere – PhoneGap (not supporting all native features);
    • Java (Eclipse + Android SDK);
  • Best development platform depending on target;
  • Paid version of Android API;
  • Advanced Apps examples

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